Jodi Brichta-Coyne

Lifestyle and Business Coach

Because YOU deserve it


sdsdsoyne, BA, CLC, CME

  • Are you tired, lack energy?
  • On the verge of burnout?
  • Feel overwhelmed running your small or home-based business?
  • Feel things are spinning out of control?
  • Guilty for not spending enough quality time with family?



Lifestyle and Business Coach

Because YOU deserve it


Realizing everyone and every situation is different.

Please use the contact me button to schedule a no-cost, no obligation consult to see if coaching is right for you. I offer different packages custom-tailored to meet your needs and goals, whether you just need a one-time call, a kick start or ongoing support I will work with you to achieve the desired results. For the best value and accountability, I highly recommend the 3 and 6 month packages.

1:1 Coaching 45 Min, one-time coaching session follow-up e-mail $80

1 Month Kick start Package:

3-45min scheduled session calls Follow-up emails $275

Usually, I see optimal results in clients after three months of coaching. However, It happens that clients can only commit to one month of coaching for various reasons. To my delight, I have clients make huge shifts in perspective and take leaps of growth in small amounts of time. I offer this package to those “gardeners with a green thumb” who are looking for some spark to inspire their seeds to grow. Together, we will make a plan that works for you.

3 or 6 Month Harmony Package (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED):

3-45 min calls per month unlimited e-mail support. $250/month

This is your best option for optimal results. With your commitment and having accountability, together we will have you on the path to attaining your goals in no time.

Virtual Assistance (for existing clients) $100/month.

Ongoing support and encouragement. If you have enjoyed my coaching, signup now for virtual coaching! You will receive a daily email from me. An email that addresses you and your challenges personally!

I will keep you on track of your goals with encouragement and inspiration! All successful people have accountability coaches that helped them achieve their greatest dreams! It is the edge needed to push you forward.

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